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Get Direction Express Consultation

When you have a problem, a question, a topic that needs to be discussed this is a proposal for you - one or several consultations. Topics could include general management, finances, organization and processes or team management.
We will meet online and together work out the BEST SOLUTION for you. Best for this specific moment, taking into account the specificity of your situation and your strategic goals.

Price 175 EUR / hour

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Private mastermind 1-1 Business Advisory

Business Mentoring & Advisory 1-1 is our personal relationship, during which you are not lonely in your decisions and you get step-by-step support. I accompany you in the change and transformation that your company is going through, all the time piloting the process. I suggest directions of development and help you with daily struggles. I provide all my knowledge and experience, an individual strategic approach and a broad perspective of your business.

Starts from 1.500 EUR / month

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