You've been running your business for some time. You're proud of how it grew up. You remember those times when most of the things you had to do alone or with the help of 2employees. By comparing what you have today with the place from which you lef, you can see how long you have gone.

You can congratulate yourself all these ideas, your work, quick and bold decisions, your wisdom and experience.

But it's time to move further, deeper, higher. Your company is a serious business today.

This is no longer a few employees you can look at from your desk. Perhaps your team is not big, but the scale of what you are doing begins to be such that sometimes you feel that you are no longer in control. The questions are multiplied, the problems repeat, the company accelerates, and you have less and less time and are stuck in the place.

In your heart you feel that you do not know how to organize everything that. You feel that the company that has to develop so intensively must be organized a little more professionally than the small one at the beginning of the activity.

Until now YOU were the main driver of your business. You had a clear vision of what you want to do, how and when. Today it's time to take your company to the next level.

And YOU will LEAD it there.

I can support you in this transformation. I can accompany you in every decision, point out directions and threats, reveal the secrets of the art of managing such a larger business. Together, we will modernize your company so that it is modern, professional and able to grow without further obstacles.

You will learn to be its leader and efficient manager.

To lead the team, to control your calendar, to free your time, to earn more. Even if you plan to hire someone to manage your company, if you do not know what to demand from him, there is a huge risk that he will not meet your expectations.

I will be your support, an emergency line and a source of condensed management knowledge. I put at your disposal all my knowledge, experience and intuition.

years of higher education

faculties graduated

years of experience

years in international corporation

years of managing my own company

companies from different sectors

In all these companies that I've learned from the inside out, to the deepest recesses, I have seen thousands of apt and wrong managerial decisions. The errors that I analyzed and which I learned from so that you would not have to repeat them. Dozens of business models and business plans that I have designed and analyzed. So that I can now support you regardless of your model, business and industry.


Business Mentoring & Advisory 1-1 is our private report during which:

You are not alone with your decisions

I am constantly observing the situation, piloting the process, suggesting directions

You get support step by step

Our meetings motivate you to action and keep you accountable

I accompany you in the change and transformation your company is undergoing

You receive honest and open feedback

I lead you in the process and take care of your company

I give my knowledge, experience, individual strategic approach and a broad perspective of your business

finance and controlling


remuneration systems and team management

organization, processes and procedures

internal control system

Our cooperation consist of:

  • weekly private mastermind: 1-1,5 hour online meeting (Zoom or Skype), when we set goals, analyze actions and current situation, make conclusions, plan next steps,
  • accordingly to your needs, you can receive a short summary of every meeting,
  • if you wish we can record each meeting (Zoom or Skype), recordings belong to you exclusively,
  • ongoing WhatsApp, email and telephone support for you, when you need it,

  • specific management tools - sheets, diagrams, checklists, templates of procedures or drafts that we will prepare for you, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

This is a limited offer!

Due to my personal commitment to this service and a very individual approach to you and your business, my possibilities to cooperate in this form are limited to several entrepreneurs at the same time.
That's why I work only with entrepreneurs, for which I believe that they will benefit most from my help in this form. I reserve the right to decide on this matter based on my experience.

If you want to know more details or ask about Private Mastermind - Business Mastermind & Advisory 1-1, just leave a message. I will come back you you as soon as possible.

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