Do not make bold decisions before you before you make sure they are necessary.

Save and get invaluable knowledge!


As a result of this consultation, my clients most often gain a completely new look at the problems that plagued them. After looking at a specific problem from a new perspective and in the context of the entire functioning of the company, it not only gets CLEAR WHICH DECISION TO TAKE at this point but also entrepreneurs get the DRIVE for the GROW. This is the first step so that many things will start to function differently.

Marta Łazar

Every daily business decision can support or disturb success of your business. 

It's a truism, but how often do we forget about it ...

In a hurry and a multitude of tasks we make different decisions, but most often we do not have time to stop and look at the space larger than the countertop of our desk. And unfortunately, this causes that many important topics are postponed until later, and everyday decisions often do not take into account long-term company goals and strategic perspective.

Some decisions taken today can affect the reality of your company for the next 5-10-15 years! How you set up the organization, the payroll or settlement system, or the priorities of the marketing strategy today can affect the results and functioning of the business for years.

There is a third element that you have to deal with: some of your decisions require high levels of competence or experience in areas where you simply do not have them. And you must take them today BEFORE you need and will be able to afford an expensive consultant / external financial director / mentor.


Get Direction Express pushes your business on new tracks and speeds up its grow!

If you are standing at a crossroads, you need to choose one of several options, you want to implement a new system in the company (f.e. settlements or payrolls) or simply - permanent employment of a business adviser at this stage does not have economic sense at this stage, this is the moment to take advantage of a one-time consultation - Get Direction Express.

BEFORE you spend your money on a business plan, analysis, diagnosis, valuation of company value... it would probably be good to know if this product (whatever it is) will allow you to achieve your goals! Do you really need it? It does not matter what the bank employee, leasing advisor, agent or other salesperson says about it. They are usually not working for the best interest of your company and almost never consider your company STRATEGICALLY justified PLANS nad LONG TERM GOALS.

In this situation, I suggest a one-time consultation, during which I will help you look at your company from a HELICOPTER VIEW. First of all, I will help you determine where you are going, what is your goal, what you want to achieve and at what time. And look at your current problem in this context. If it is needed, we will take a look at the finance, structure, processes or organization of your company. We can look at people management or sales organization. Only then will we put your current problem on this map and we will reflect together on what will be the BEST DECISION for YOU in this situation.

strategic perspective

quick diagnosis of the situation

range of solutions and answers to questions

What my clients say about consultation with me?

Although you do not know yet whether you need it. Or how will such a consultation end...
But, perhaps, you will discover that the path you were walking does not lead to where you want to go.
And you'll save a lot of money on missed attempts and costly mistakes ...


If you want to be sure that your business is heading in the right direction, if you are tired of losing money for unsuccessful "improvements" and "solutions" that are missing one - consistency with objectives, strategy and other elements of your company, I invite you...


Get Direction Express Consultation

Give direction to what you are doing!

strategic perspective

quick diagnosis of the situation

range of solutions and answer to questions

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